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The following table shows the full list of all free accessed Machine-Specific Registers of desktop AMD Athlon XP processor

Updated: 01/07/2004


Register Name



00000000h MCAR Machine Check Address Register 0000000FFFFFFFFFh
00000001h MCTR Machine Check Type Register 0000000000000000h
00000010h TSC Time Stamp Counter 00000049203B5713h
0000001Bh APIC_BASE APIC Register 00000000FEE00100h
0000002Ah EBL_CR_POWERON APIC Register 0000000000000000h
0000008Bh 0000000000000000h
000000FEh MTRRcap Memory Typing Register 0000000000000508h
00000174h SYSENTER_CS System Software Register 0000000000000000h
00000175h SYSENTER_ESP System Software Register 0000000000000000h
00000176h SYSENTER_EIP System Software Register 0000000000000000h
00000179h MCG_CAP Global Machine Check Capabilities Register 0000000000000104h
0000017Ah MCG_STATUS Global Machine Check Processor Status Register 0000000000000000h
0000017Bh MCG_CTL Global Machine Check Exception Reporting Control Register 0000000000000000h
000001D9h DebugCtl Software Debug Register 0000000000000000h
000001DBh LastBranchFromIP Software Debug Register 00000000FFFFBFE4h
000001DCh LastBranchToIP Software Debug Register 00000000FFECFFD7h
000001DDh LastExceptionFromIP Software Debug Register 0000000000000000h
000001DEh LastExceptionToIP Software Debug Register 0000000000000000h
00000200h MTRRphysBase0 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000006h
00000201h MTRRphysMask0 Memory Typing Register 0000000FE0000800h
00000202h MTRRphysBase1 Memory Typing Register 00000000E8000001h
00000203h MTRRphysMask1 Memory Typing Register 0000000FFC000800h
00000204h MTRRphysBase2 Memory Typing Register 00000000E8000001h
00000205h MTRRphysMask2 Memory Typing Register 0000000FFC000800h
00000206h MTRRphysBase3 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
00000207h MTRRphysMask3 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
00000208h MTRRphysBase4 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
00000209h MTRRphysMask4 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Ah MTRRphysBase5 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Bh MTRRphysMask5 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Ch MTRRphysBase6 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Dh MTRRphysMask6 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Eh MTRRphysBase7 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000020Fh MTRRphysMask7 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
00000250h MTRRfix64K_00000 Memory Typing Register 0606060606060606h
00000258h MTRRfix16K_80000 Memory Typing Register 0606060606060606h
00000259h MTRRfix16K_A0000 Memory Typing Register 0101010100000000h
00000268h MTRRfix4K_C0000 Memory Typing Register 0505050505050505h
00000269h MTRRfix4K_C8000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Ah MTRRfix4K_D0000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Bh MTRRfix4K_D8000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Ch MTRRfix4K_E0000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Dh MTRRfix4K_E8000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Eh MTRRfix4K_F0000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
0000026Fh MTRRfix4K_F8000 Memory Typing Register 0000000000000000h
00000277h PAT Page Attribute Table Register 0007040600070406h
000002FFh MTRRdefType Memory Typing Register 0000000000000C00h
00000400h MC0_CTL DC Machine Check Control Register 0000000000000000h
00000401h MC0_STATUS DC Machine Check Status Register 2C64A0000000B768h
00000402h MC0_ADDR DC Machine Check Address Register 000000055DBFB98Fh
00000403h MC0_MISC 0000000000000000h
00000404h MC1_CTL IC Machine Check Control Register 0000000000000000h
00000405h MC1_STATUS IC Machine Check Status Register 5B9A7BFAAAA2AAAAh
00000406h MC1_ADDR IC Machine Check Address Register 1B9A7BFAAAA2AAAAh
00000407h MC1_MISC 0000000000000000h
00000408h MC2_CTL BU Machine Check Control Register 0000000000000000h
00000409h MC2_STATUS BU Machine Check Status Register 0000000000000000h
0000040Ah MC2_ADDR BU Machine Check Address Register 0000000FD73EBC48h
0000040Bh MC2_MISC 0000000FD73EBC48h
0000040Ch MC3_CTL LS Machine Check Control Register 0000000000000000h
0000040Dh MC3_STATUS LS Machine Check Status Register 0000000000000000h
0000040Eh MC3_ADDR LS Machine Check Address Register 0000000FFFFFFFFFh
0000040Fh MC3_MISC 0000000000000000h
C0000080h EFER Extended Feature Enable Register 0000000000000000h
C0000081h STAR SYSCALL/SYSRET Target Address Register 0000000000000000h
C0010000h PerfEvtSel0 Performance Event-Select Register 00000000ED8FFFFCh
C0010001h PerfEvtSel1 Performance Event-Select Register 00000000FE9DFFBAh
C0010002h PerfEvtSel2 Performance Event-Select Register 00000000F39DBFEBh
C0010003h PerfEvtSel3 Performance Event-Select Register 000000009F9FEEFFh
C0010004h PerfCtr0 Performance Counter 0000FFA87FFDEAD8h
C0010005h PerfCtr1 Performance Counter 00005EAEDFF7AD01h
C0010006h PerfCtr2 Performance Counter 0000EBFCAD7FCEEDh
C0010007h PerfCtr3 Performance Counter 0000D3EED7FBFFF1h
C0010010h SYS_CFG System Configuration Register 0000000000140604h
C0010015h HWCR Hardware Control Register 0000000003031008h
C0010016h IORRBase 0000000000000000h
C0010017h IORRMask 0000000000000000h
C0010018h IORRBase 00000000E8000018h
C0010019h IORRMask 0000000FFC000800h
C001001Ah TOP_MEM Memory Typing Register 0000000020000000h
C001001Bh CLK_CTL Clock Control Register 0000000020031223h
C001001Dh TOP_MEM2 Memory Typing Register 000000093D000000h
C001001Eh MANID Manufacturing Identification Register 000000000000011Eh
C0010030h Processor Name String 6C68744120444D41h
C0010031h Processor Name String 5820296D74286E6Fh
C0010032h Processor Name String 002B303030322050h
C0010033h Processor Name String 0000000000000000h
C0010034h Processor Name String 0000000000000000h
C0010035h Processor Name String 0000000000000000h
C0010100h SysBus_IOBase 00000000FC000000h
C0010101h SysBus_ConfigBase System Bus Configuration Base 0000000000000000h
C0010102h SysBus_IAckBase 00000000F8000000h
C0010103h SysBus_SpecCycBase 00000000F8000000h
C0010104h 0000000000000011h
C0010105h 0000000000050002h
C0010106h 0000000000050002h
C0010111h SMM_BASE 00000000000B0000h
C0010112h SMM_ADDR 0000000000000000h
C0010113h SMM_MASK 0000000000000001h
C0010114h 0000020C0F0F0F0Fh
C0010115h SysBus_Special1QW 000F0F0F0F0F0F0Fh
C0010116h 000F020C0F0F0F0Fh
C0010117h 000F0F0F0F0F0F0Fh

Central Brain Identifier