Thermod Digital
Thermod Digital is a simple standalone Win32 application designed to monitor temperature of any AMD Family 10h and higher CPU. Thermod Digital uses the undocumented AMD thermal interface based on System Management Bus to access CPU on-die thermal diode. CPU temperature can be displayed both in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. Thermod Digital updates temperature readings four times per second with an accuracy of 0.125. The software provides adjustment for a thread priority for better responding when the process is being used.
Native Specialist

Native Specialist is the number one system and diagnostic utility designed to identify any AMD64 processors. It is developed in connection with Advanced Micro Devices that means the utility always supports the latest AMD products any time! Native Specialist is based on the powerful CPU recognition engine of famous Central Brain Identifier BE. The utility is the best solution to retrieve clear information on the next generation AMD processors of NPT Family, Family 10h and Family 11h. Featuring a new intelligent graphics user interface optimized for multi-core AMD processors Native Specialist enables to control thermal and frequency parameters for each core independently. It is also a powerful diagnostic tool for overclockers and AMD funs that always need a flexible solution native for their next generation AMD64 platform as a best platform ever! No doubt, Native specialist leads in software segment of AMD CPU recognition.

The benefits and distinct advantages are the following:

  • Complete identification of AMD64 processors.
  • QuantiSpeed Rating calculation and OPN determination.
  • Real-time CPU clock frequency, VCore and Clock Multiplier monitoring.
  • Entering the processor the low power state of Stop Grant.
  • FID/VID transition for mobile AMD64 processors on the fly.
  • Independent timing configuration for each DRAM Controller.
  • HyperTransprt multiplier and bus width change.

Extremely easy and handy to use temperature, fan speed and voltage reporting tool. NextSensor dynamically reads and shows current values of the following sensor lines: VCore, VDIMM, VAGP, VLDT, VBAT, 5VSB, 3VSB, +12, -12, +5V, -5V, +3.3V. The program reports a temperature of the processor, the North Bridge and the Hard Disk in the Tray Bar using separate LED indicators. The program is capable to monitor negative temperatures and three FAN speeds. NextSensor supports a lot of popular Winbond, Fintek and ITE Super I/O LPC chips. Also, profided an ability to read temperature measurements of on-die AMD64 thermal diode. Besides, NextSensor incorporates a unique Remote Monitor function that enables system administrators to watch the temperatures, voltages and fan speeds in LAN or via Internet using any web browser! The most strong side of NextSensor is the Thermal Alarm function. This feature prevents processor from overheating by using a CPU clock throttling method. In case, if the AMD64 processor is used in the system there is an additional protective method based on FID/VID and P-State changes.
InjectTunnel has been released. The Speed Fan Control fucntion is improoved in the latest version.

Native Specialist has been updated to version 1.8 build 1003. The latest release brings support for the next generation AMD processors related to Family 12h and Family 14h. Native Specialist is capable of determining single-core and dual-core AMD УFusionФ C- and E-series processors. The software determines three new УFusionФ related sockets of Socket FT1, Socket FS1g1 and Socket FM1g1 and three Die Revisions of FS-A0, FS-A1, FS-B0. As to Thaiphoon Burner, the next update will be capable of altering timing parameters of "Fusion" DRAM controllers.

Native Specialist has come back! After 10 months of keeping silence we decided to terminate the suspension and continue working on the project. We did a great job by continuously updating our famous software for AMD processors. Native Specialist is a unique tool which is required by AMD community. Now Native Specialist 1.8 supports over 100 new models of AMD processors related to AM3, S1g3, S1g4, G34r1, C32r1 and ASB2 sockets. Among them there are the latest six- and quad-core Thuban based parts, low-power embedded and server processors. Many of them are still under NDA and cannot be recognized by using the public technical documents. Besides, for each new processor the new update is capable of determining a part number and a nominal clock frequency. Native Specialist 1.8 now reports a codename for some new AMD CPU series. Click here to see the full list of supported processors.

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released. The latest update features some useful GUI improvements. The next version will have a free bonus for all AMD funs! We mean a powerful timing tweaker for DRAM controllers of the next generation AMD processors.

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster Edition is available for download! The latest update features the new Write SPD Data dialog box.Read more on the Official Product Support Website!

CCL Viewer 2.5 has been released! The latest update features numerous GUI improvements to simplify log analyzing. Besides, the new update provides the easiest way to highlight URLs on certain criteria through the Filter Manager. You can create as many groups as you need with a user-defined color which is used to highlight URLs related to the group.

The new update for Thermod Digital 1.0 has been released. The latest update lets the user to save the full register dump of the CPU internal thermal sensor to file.

The new version of CCL Viewer 2.0 has been released. The latest update is now fully compatible with the new log structure of CCProxy 2010 Proxy Server. As you are probably aware, CCProxy 2010 is a tiny, easy to use and powerful proxy server for Windows providing many features to access various internet services. To get the latest CCProxy 2010 click here.

Released the first version of Thermod Digital software. It is a simple standalone Win32 application designed to monitor temperature of any AMD Family 10h and higher CPU. Thermod Digital uses the undocumented AMD thermal interface based on System Management Bus to access on-die thermal diode. CPU temperature can be displayed both in Celcius and Fahrenheit degrees.

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