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Download Thermod Digital
Thermod Digital (for AMD64 CPU temperature measurements)
Current Version: build 0711
Release Date: July 11, 2010
File Size: 390 KB
License: DEMO Version
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista32

Download Native Specialist
Native Specialist (AMD CPU Identification)
Current Version: 1.8.1003
Release Date: October 3, 2010
File Size: 864 KB
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista32

Download Native Specialist
CCL Viewer (CCProxy 2010 log analyzer)
Current Version: 2.5 build 0716
Release Date: July 16, 2010
File Size: 370 KB
License: DEMO
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista/7

Download InjectTunnel
InjectTunnel (ATI graphics card overclocking)
Current Version: build 0226
Release Date: February 26, 2011
File Size: 465 KB
License: Freeware
Operating System: 32/64-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Download Thaiphoon Burner
Thaiphoon Burner
Current Version: build 0814 Final
Release Date: August 14, 2010
File Size: 727 KB
License: Shareware, 15-day trial period
Operating System: Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista32

SPD EEPROM Dump Collection
37 DDR SDRAM mixed SPD dumps
119 DDR SDRAM grouped SPD dumps
83 DDR2 SDRAM grouped SPD dumps
99 DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 SPD dumps from OCZ
14 DDR1 SPD dumps from Hynix
23 DDR2 SPD dumps from Hynix
39 DDR1 SPD dumps from Kingston
62 DDR2 SPD dumps from Kingston
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Enhanced Performance Profiles Specification

Download Central Brain Identifier
Central Brain Identifier
Current Version: build 1228 R6
Release Date: December 28, 2007
File Size: 274 KB
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64

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Download NextSensor

NextSensor 100% Clean

Current Version: build 0131 Final
Release Date: January 31, 2009
File Size: 358 KB
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista32

NextSensor PlugIns
VT-Trigger for VT8235/7 Southbridge
V-MAP Turbin for VIA V-Link tuning
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Thaiphoon Viewer
Thaiphoon Viewer (An invisible and GUI free SPD EEPROM reader and report creator)
Current Version: 2.5 build 0219 Final
Release Date: February 19, 2010
File Size: 175 KB
License: Freeware
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64/Vista32

AuthScanner is a unique experimental tool that provides storing, handling, editing, comparing, recognition and decoding of code matrixes of the AMD64 processors.

AuthScanner (Jungle's BrainScanner)
Version Comments Size File

Version Build 0604

366 KB

Version Build 0325

423 KB

Coretemeter is a small and handy tool designed to construct the graph of die temperature of the AMD64 processors using readout of on-die CPU thermal sensor. The utility supports drawing the core temperature for each core of a dual-core processor. There is an option to set a rate of reading the temperature. You can select 1, 2 or 6 times per second for the rate. Besides, Coretemeter calculates an average value of the die temperature for each time period of monitoring. Also, you can define a priority of reading the temperature. During stress load on the CPU this allocates more time to the utility to construct the graph. Besides, both for single and dual core AMD64 processors Coretemeter constructs a temperature graph using readout of external hardware monitor also known as Super I/O chip. This logical addition transforms Coretemeter into the temperature comparator. Now you can examine how far the reading of hardware monitor differ from the readings of processors on-die thermal diode. The utility is very simple to use.

Version Comments Size File

Beta 4 build of Feb 14, 2007

200 KB

Central Brain Identifier