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About the Clock Control Register
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This table shows how the CLK_Ctl*Register controls the Halt
State and Stop-Grant State while system bus is disconnected.

Updated: 01/26/2004




Halt disconnect divisor

Stop-Grand disconnect divisor

Icc(Current)in the SG State

mobile AMD Athlon 4 0662h 60079263h 128 512 0.80-2.00 A
mobile AMD Duron 0671h 60079263h128512 0.80-2.00 A
AMD Athlon XP-M06A0h 20071263h 128128
AMD Athlon XP 0662h 6003D22Fh 64 64 0.66-1.54 A
AMD Athlon XP 0680h 60031223h 8 8 3.70-8.85 A
AMD Athlon XP 0681h 20031223h 8 8 4.90-8.90 A
AMD Athlon XP 06A0h 20031223h 8 8 7.20-12.1 A
AMD Athlon MP 0662h 6003D22Fh 64 64 0.61-2.69 A
AMD Athlon MP 0680h 6003D22Fh 64 64 4.70-8.85 A
AMD Athlon MP 0681h 2003D22Fh 64 64 5.40-8.90 A
AMD Athlon MP 06A0h 2003D22Fh 64 64 6.88-8.75 A
AMD Athlon 064xh FFF0D22Fh 64 64
AMD Duron 063xh FFF0D22Fh 64 64 VCore 1.30V
AMD Duron 0671h 6003D22Fh 64 64 0.66-1.54 A
AMD Duron 0680h 60031223h 8 8 3.90-5.40 A
AMD Duron 0681h 20031223h 8 8 3.90-5.40 A

* BIOS initializes the CLK_Ctl MSR during the POST routine. The CLK_Ctl Register is used to select a halt disconnect divisor and Stop-Grand disconnect divisor for the power states.

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