Thaiphoon Burner SuperB! Edition has been released! Read more on the Official Product Support Website!

Thaiphoon Burner SuperB! Edition has been released! Read more on the Official Product Support Website!

Today we would like to inform our partners who are sponsoring Thaiphoon Burner project development that the new version of Thaiphoon Burner is ready and will be announced on the Official Customer Product Support Website in a day or two. As we promised, conversion of Intel XMP profiles to the NVIDIA EPP2.0 data format is successfully finished. The new version is being tested by our beta-testers. Besides, Thaiphoon Burner 6.6 is based on numerous additions and improvements. Keep patience please!

Vitaliy Jungle presents his next small CCL Viewer utility. This software is not related to the hardware management applications but can be helpful for system administrators. CCL Viewer is extremely simple utility for analyzing logs created by CCProxy 6 software. CCL Viewer creates hierarchic list of user accounts and groups hyper-text links in accordance to them for better understanding the CCProxy log file. CCL Viewer enables to delete log records by multiple selection of links or by user account name entry.

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released! Read more on the Official Product Support Website!

Native Specialist 1.7 is available! The new release brings support for the next generation S1g4 mobile processors: AMD Sempron N, AMD Turion II P, AMD Turion II N, AMD Athlon II P, AMD Phenom II P, AMD Phenom II X, AMD Phenom II N. The Socket G34r1 AMD Opteron 61xx Series processors related to eight-core and twelve-core parts with HE and SE power classes are also supported. Native Specialist 1.7 identifies the new generation single-core and dial-core ASB2 series processors: AMD Athlon II Neo K and AMD Turion II Neo K. The Native Special project is now for sale.

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released! Read more on the Official Product Support Website!

Native Specialist 1.6 has been released! The latest update features the new AGESA-based code detection for unreleased next generation AMD64 processors, such as dual-core AMD Athlon II XLT V-series, AMD Athlon II XL V-series and quad-core AMD Phenom II XLT Q-series processors. New version 1.6 is capable of identifying the AMD Phenom II TWKR Black Edition processor and two new CPU families of AMD Athlon II 1xx and AMD Phenom II X2 Bxx. The AMD Sempron 140 processor has been supported as well. Among other features within the latest version 1.6 there are new code name detection for 45nm AMD processors and P-Rating calculation for AMD Athlon II and AMD Phenom II processors. With regard to the latest six-core AMD Opteron processors Native Specialist fully identifies standard, SE and HE parts with OPN numbers of OS8439YDS6DGN, OS8425PDS6DGN, OS8435WJS6DGN, OS2439YDS6DGN, OS2427WJS6DGN, OS2431WJS6DGN and others. Enjoy!

Native Specialist 1.5 has been released! As usual, the new version brings support for the latest next generation AMD64 processors. The following AMD processor families have been supported: new Socket ASB1 AMD Sempron 2xxU 12W, Socket S1g1 Turion X2 L5xx 15W and Socket S1g1 AMD Athlon X2 L3xx 20W. The first parts related to these families, such as SML208UOAX3DV, TMEL510HAX5DM and AMML310HAX5DM are fully identified by Native Specialist 1.5. Also, the new version displays an OPN number and default clock frequency for the latest AMD Athlon II X2 and Phenom II X2 processors. New TDP identifiers have been added.

Today we are introducing our new InjectTunel utility for ATI graphics card overclocking and power management control. InjectTunnel uses the native ATI Overdrive interface from ATI Catalyst display driver to change core and memory clocks for 3D full-screen or 3D desktop modes. This means new clocks are applied when a 3D mode is activated. The utility can be used to control fan speed of the graphics card too. You can even disable fan speed at all! Besides, InjectTunnel measures two independent GPU temperatures by using thermal diodes, reports the current performance state of the GPU, current VRAM and GPU frequencies, GPU voltage, GPU usage, PCI-E clock frequency and PCI-E bus width. InjectTunnel features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps to start using the utility immediately. It is not necessary to install ATI Catalyst Control Center to use the utility. Enjoy!

Showshock Softnology introduces Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster with XMP Enhancer Professional! No need to buy expensive DDR3 memory modules with XMP any more! XMP Enhancer Pro creates XMP profiles automatically! Read more on the Official Customer Support Website!

The updated version of Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released! Read more on the Official Customer Support Website!

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released! Read more on the Official Customer Support Website!

Thaiphoon Burner Super Blaster has been released! Read more on the Official Customer Support Website!

Today our long-standing news partner celebrates its 10th anniversary! No doubt, it is one of the best news website specialized on hardware diagnostic, benchmarking and overclocking software. We are proud of our partnership with website as its news about our products are the most quoted over the Russian part of the Internet! To express our gratitude to our partner we have released Native Specialist 1.4 Edition! So, the new version brings support for the following desktop and server AMD processors:
  • AMD Athlon X2 BE-2450 45W ADH2450IAA5DO
  • AMD Opteron 2376 HE 55W OS2376PAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 8374 HE 55W OS8374PAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 8376 HE 55W OS8376PAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 8386 SE 105W OS8386YAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 2372 HE 55W OS2372PAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 2374 HE 55W OS2374PAL4DGI
  • AMD Opteron 2386 SE 105W OS2386YAL4DGI
  • AMD Phenom X3 8250e 65W HD8250ODJ3BGH
  • AMD Phenom II X3 710 95W HDX710WFK3DGI
  • AMD Phenom II X3 720 95W HDX720WFK3DGI
  • AMD Phenom II X4 805 95W HDX805WFK4FGI
  • AMD Phenom II X4 810 95W HDX810WFK4FGI
  • AMD Phenom II X4 910 95W HDX910WFK4DGI

Native Specialist 1.4 NDA Edition has been released! According to the latest revision of AMD technical documents the company plans on releasing a wide variety of new AMD64 processors for Embedded and new generation platforms. We could not allow us to stay out from these events and ignore them. Therefore we have released an advanced edition of Native Specialist the leading utility for AMD64 processor identification! Now Native Specialist fully complies with the new AMD brand-name strategy in respect of Athlon processors based on Phenom II core. Now all the names of Athlon processors are constructed with ‘II’-suffix. So, first of all, we would like to let you know that Native Specialist 1.4 identifies six-core AMD Opteron 8400 and 2400 series processors of HE, EE and SE power classes. Quad-core AMD Opteron processors of new VS, QS HE, NP HE and KH HE power classes are identified too. Secondly, we have fully supported six new embedded AMD64 processors. Among them there are the newest low-power AMD L-series processors in ASB1 and S1g1 package: AMD Athlon L325 1500MHz 18W, AMD Athlon L335 1600MHz 18W, dual-core AMD Turion Neo X2 L625 1600MHz 18W, the new revisions of AMD Athlon MV-40 AMGMV40OAX4DX and AMD Sempron 210U SMG210UOAX3DX. For the Socket S1g1 mobile platform AMD is about to release two new processor families of Athlon X2 L3xx and AMD Athlon L1xx with TDP of 9W and 15W respectively. Native Specialist 1.4 supports these families! Besides, it fully identifies the AMD Athlon 2850e Socket AM2 processor with TDP of 22W. The next benefit of the utility is the support for the first representatives of the new generation S1G3 AMD mobile platform! Native Specialist 1.4 recognizes AMD Sempron M1, dual-core AMD Turion II Ultra M6, Turion II M5 and AMD Athlon II M3 processors. Finally, four new families of quad-core and dual-core Phenom II processors have been added to the CPU support list of Native Specialist 1.4: AMD Phenom II FX, AMD Phenom II X2 3xx, AMD Phenom II X2 5xx. The AMD Athlon II X2 5xx processor family is also in that list. Here is more info.

Thaiphoon Burner 6.1 has been released! More info on the Official Customer Support Web Site.

NextSensor 2.77 has been released! This new update to our famous utility enables to monitor temperature of the third hard disk drive. Now, you can watch the temperature in the system tray or in the main windows of the utility. Additionally, we have fixed incompatible behavior of NextSensor with the Winbond W83697HF Super I/O chip. Enjoy!

Thaiphoon Burner is available for download! We are continuing our efforts for making our Thaiphoon better and more reliable solution to work with SPD ever! The new features and enhancements introduced by this new version are the following: Intel XMP 1.1 specification has been supported, the Module Features panel has a customizable background image, advert banners in SPD reports have been removed from registered version. Thaiphoon Burner 6.04 features the new XMP decoding routines and creates more detailed XMP reports comparing to the previous versions. Like EPP reports, XMP reports now contain a link to switch between nanoseconds and MEMClocks. Enjoy!

Thaiphoon Burner has been released! The new version features modified dialog boxes to simplify SPD writing. Besides, it supports NVidia MCP79 SMBus controller to read and write SPD. Also, new Thaiphoon Burner determines SDRAM vendor of DDR3 SDRAM memory sticks.

Thaiphoon Viewer 2.0 has been released. The new version is based on the latest Thaiphoon Burner 6.0 source code. This means it supports multiple new SMBus controllers, SPD reading on FB-DIMMs and creates full reports on SPD for SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM and DDR2 FB-DIMM. Additionally, Thaiphoon Viewer can be run with new parameter to read and save SPD image in a file compatible with Thaiphoon Burner.

ECSD Product Roadmap from AMD Embedded Computing Solutions Division is available in the Engineering section